Powershrimp Walnut 30gr.

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Power Shrimp
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Powershrimp Walnut Power is a treat for small and large shrimp.

Powershrimp walnuts are made from 100% pure walnut leaves that are very healthy for your shrimp. These sticks can be used well as a dietary supplement and fit well into the diet of all shrimp. Due to the high fiber content in walnut leaves, the intestinal tract is stimulated and more nutrients are absorbed.
Walnut leaves are also rich in tannins, which have an antibacterial effect, helping to prevent disease and reduce stress.
Shrimp like to gather on the sticks. You can easily drop the sticks into the aquarium, whereupon all the shrimp come to them. A beautiful sight and a great way to scrutinize all of your shrimp.
100% walnut leaves, proteins
Use this food as additional shrimp food. Give about 3 sticks per 50 shrimp. You can give walnuts 2-3 times a week. This can remain in the aquarium.

Walnut, cereal, dehydrated egg powder

Further accessories for your pet and the aquarium can be found in our online shop.

  • * Give walnuts 2-3 times a week
  • * 100% pure walnut leaves
  • * additional food
  • * Prevent diseases and reduce stress.
  • * very popular with shrimp.
  • * Sticks do not pollute the water
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