Powershrimp shrimp net Square

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Power Shrimp
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 Shrimpnet Square

These Shrimp Net makes catching shrimps much easier and less stressful. It is a light weight and functional net specially designed for the selection and catching of small shrimps in a heavily loaded aquarium.

Its deep pocket helps prevent shrimp from escaping and its finely-woven, anti-snag netting prevents tangling. A sturdy, stainless steel telescopic handle allows you to extend and adjust the length of the net from 15 to 34cm. It is also used for removing debris, uneaten fish food and skimming the surface of the aquarium. Suitable for fresh or saltwater livestock.

Further accessories for your pet and the aquarium can be found in our online shop.

  • Material of the handle: stainless steel
  • Length of the handle: approx. 15 to 34cm
  • Total length: 42cm
  • Shape: Square Ø Net: 7cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: nylon and stainless steel
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