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Sponge filter, ideal for use in a small aquarium

A sponge filter is ideal for use in a small aquarium. A sponge filter is particularly suitable for small rooms. The sponge has a large surface area for absorbing bacteria.
The sponge filter can be attached to the aquarium window with 2 suction cups. All couplings can be rotated so that the sponge can be placed both horizontally and vertically. The filter sponge must be connected to an air pump (not included). Due to the upward flow of bubbles, water is sucked in through the sponge and filtered. The water circulation is further improved by directing the outflow to the desired angle. This riser can also be adjusted in height to 34 cm.
A lot of food can be found on the sponge for shrimp. Small shrimp or fish are not at risk of being sucked into the filter.
With a sponge filter an efficient mechanical and biological filtration takes place and the aquarium is well ventilated!

Further accessories for your animal and the aquarium can be found in our online shop.

  • Sponge size: 12 x 6 cm (Hxø)
  • Total height: 23 to 34cm
  • For aquariums: up to 60 liters
  • Air hose connection: 4/6 mm
  • The sponge offers plenty of room for good bacteria
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