Mosura Rich Water

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Mosura Rich Water is based on the commercial shrimp breeding concept

made by Silane Diliwyne

Mosura Rich Water is created based on the commerical shrimp breeding concept, rich water. Crystal clear water does not mean that it is the best water for shrimps. Water which is rich in microorganism is best for shrimp growth and reproduction.

Hence we made Mosura Rich Water, a biochemical fluvic acid that is specially cultured through biological treatment and bio-fermentation to achieve a product of very high biological activity for aquatic use. It is rich in amino acid, vitamins, microelements, surface activant, nucleic acid, polysaccharide, biologically active acid and an unknown growth factor.naturally in creeks and rivers.

Mosura Rich Water:
•creates an ecological balance in a tank
•promotes growth of plankton (an additional microscopic food source for shrimps )
•reduces the adverse effects of ammonia and nitrite
•reduces shrimp stress and enhances immunity
•increases vitality, metabolism and improves breeding
•prevents eutrophication
•improves shrimp and plants growth
•re-energizes old gravel/soil

Usage recommendation: 
1 flat scoop of Mosura Rich Water is recommended to be used for 20litres of water. It is to be used during tank setups, water changes and periodically (2 week to 1 month once).

Any non dissolved material is harmless to livestock. This product will tint the water with a light amber color. Adjust the dosage/frequency as required.

Further accessories for your pet and the aquarium can be found in our online shop.


  • Growth and reproduction of shrimp
  • microorganisms
  • Crystal clear water
  • Shrimp farming concept
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