glass feeding tube 30 cm two suction cups

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Feed shrimp and fish without clutter

With the feeding tube it is possible to feed shrimp and other soil dwellers purposefully. Through a funnel-shaped opening no food is spilled and the feed scale can be refilled.

When using a feeding tube, you can easily feed at a specific location and the food pieces can not be blown away by the current or land between the plants.

With the glass feeding tube, you can, for example, sink granules or feed pellets carefully through the tube to a location on the ground where bottom fish can easily pick up the feed.

It is even better if you combine the feeding tube with the glass dish. The food stays clean on the food bowl.

Dimensions: 30 x 2 cm.

Further accessories for your animal and the aquarium can be found in our online shop.

  • just bring it to a specific location
  • Granules or food tablets sink carefully through the tube
  • To feed shrimp and other soil dwellers purposefully.
  • Size above: 3cm - Size down: 2cm - Length: 30cm
  • Material: glass
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