Ada Aqua Soil Amazonia 3L

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Complete nutritional soil from Ada for your aquariums

ADA Aqua-soil Amazonia is an active soil composed of organic matter that has the property of lowering the hardness and pH of the water (depending on the water source up to about 6.0), with most aquarium plants providing their nutrients be able to record. , The pH-lowering effect not only ensures that aquarium plants can absorb their nutrients better, but also makes this substrate particularly suitable for the keeping and breeding of shrimp.

The grains of ADA Aqua Soil have a size between 2 and 5 mm. This has the advantage that the aquarium plants absorb the nutrients easier and can grow better. The aquarium water can move through the substrate, allowing oxygen to enter the soil. This stimulates the bacteriological activity and thus the biological balance. Together with the oxygen, the liquid plant food is better fed to the roots. Due to the lower weight than ordinary sand and due to the airiness of the substrate, plant roots experience less resistance as they develop in the substrate.

The granules retain their shape and hardness for a very long time and ensure a good circulation of water, nutrients and oxygen through the substrate. With ADA Aqua Soil, difficult plant species such as Tonina sp. Easier and also for fish that prefer soft, acidic water, it is ideal. It also has the property, such as clay, that it can store and deliver nutrients to the plants when they ask for it.

Do not wash Aqua-soil before use.
Distribute aqua soil evenly.
Run the water slowly and carefully in the aquarium.
Tip: To avoid soil vortex, it is recommended to break the water by running it in a bowl / deep plate.

For  Format Aquarium:     Number of liters for 5cm soil:     Quantity liters for 8cm soil:

  20 cm x 20 cm                                        2L                                                           3,2L

  40 cm x 20 cm                                        4L                                                           6,4L

  60 cm x 30 cm                                        9L                                                         14,4L

  80 cm x 40 cm                                      16L                                                         25,6L

  100 cm x 40 cm                                    20L                                                            32L

  120 cm x 50 cm                                    30L                                                            48L

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  • Content: - 3 liters
  • Recommended height aqua oil: at least 4 cm
  • Color: black / brown
  • Contains nutrients: Yes!
  • Grain size: 2-5 mm
  • Average water values: KH <1, pH 6.0


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